Reserve Your Home: Club Azure Family Complex

The family compound is truly a unique housing complex to meet the needs of larger groups traveling to Club Azure. This building design is suitable for several families traveling together, large families with older kids or for retreats. Each compound features sleeping quarters including a suite that sleeps up to six people, duplex bungalows that sleep up to two people, and two individual bungalows that sleep up to two people. The complex features a spacious lounge space, which includes gathering space, eating space, bathroom facilities, and a full kitchen. Let our compound design welcome your large group to Club Azure!

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Family Complex

Family Complex Specifications:

  • 1 Master Suite
  • 1 Compound Lounge
  • 2 Bungalows
  • 1 Duplex
  • Amenities: Screened-in porch, deck, kitchen, open living and dining space, kitchen, washer/dryer
  • Total bedrooms: 6
  • Total bathrooms: 6.5
  • Total square feet: 3134

Reserve deposit:

  • $3,000

Ownership Cost:

  • $275,000
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Property Layout
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