We are excited to announce the launch of ClubAzure.com!  Here you will be able to learn everything you need to know about what’s in store for one of the most unique vacation communities in the Caribbean!

As we continue to build out ClubAzure.com, visitors will soon be able to check out renderings and plans for our rental properties, including townhomes, single units, and connected family complexes, as well as learn more about our vision to grow the surrounding economy, and how Dr. Jean Orelien originally became enchanted with the Lake Azuei countryside. Additionally, soon visitors will be able to discover the beautiful secret that is Lake Azuei and surrounding mountains.

Club Azure is also a great opportunity to introduce newcomers to the beauty and serenity of the Haitian countryside.  We are excited to use tourism and recreation to help promote the local community, while providing a welcomed retreat for travelers.

We know that you may be reading this from miles away, and yet, we want you to know that you can stay fully connected to Club Azure and the exciting growth ahead!  Our website is always connected to the latest progress of our development.  Soon we will even be offering opportunities online for visitors to own one of our rental properties.

The story of Club Azure is unfolding today and now anyone in the world can be a part of it.  Stay connected to this exciting project, and come back to ClubAzure.com often!