Want to invest in a week or more of shared ownership of one of our villas or family complexes? Scan our pricing below to find the right package for you!

As a member of Club Azure’s Timeshare Community, you’ll have the option of renting your property through our management service, or working with us to trade weeks with other community members.

Our timeshare plans offer you the flexibility of owning the right to use your property any week within your plan each year, no stressful week-trading or selling necessary! Providing availability, you can always find the right week for you with a Club Azure timeshare.

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Or, Own Every Week!

Click to learn more about our available home styles for purchase for permanent ownership, starting at $65,000!

Platinum Plan

Our Platinum timeshare plan allows you to reserve your choice of any week of the year, no stressful week-trading necessary.

Gold Plan

Our Gold timeshare plan offers a more affordable alternative, allowing you the choice each year of any of our 40 Gold plan weeks (see calendar below).

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Available Properties


Bungalow Large ViewNestled in the heart of Club Azure, our quaint villas provide everything you need for a perfect getaway. Featuring sleeping space, full bath, kitchenette, and patio spaces, our villas deliver secluded privacy with the full benefits of the resort.

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Family Complex

Group Vacation Home HaitiOur family complexes provide larger groups a fun and comfortable way to enjoy Club Azure together. Units include a master suite with spacious lounge and kitchen, as well as two adjacent individual villas and a duplex bungalow, each with private sleeping and bath areas.

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Family Complex - Gold Season


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Family Complex - Platinum Season